Unexpected Grace: Comfort in the Midst of Loss

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  2. Unexpected Grace: Comfort in the Midst of Loss
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Or email them a shared folder with photos of their loved one in subject line. I received so many emails, many were lost in the deluge. The jump drive allowed me get to it when I was able versus losing the most important gift a friend could give me — memories of my loved one. This was the most cherished gift I received as new photographs are no longer an option. Should you find pictures later as you go through photographs, SEND them then! What an amazing gift of remembrance it would be to be given that gift sometime later!

If you feel compelled to send a book, consider sending a short, easy to read book, not a heavy tome sounds like tomb or a huge saga sounds like a sob. Your desire is to provide your friend with words that have meaning and that matter right now.

So right now, their reading preferences may have changed from what they normally read. Some avid readers find themselves experiencing challenges sitting still or focusing on words on a page as they grieve the loss of a dear one.

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It comforts. It also honors and pays tribute to their lost dear one. It lives on in memories. So speak up! Memories help us recall the love of the moment and of the person. Put reminders on your calendar with advance notice to reach out in remembrance at key times. You may want to consider some significant dates, such as:. They will cherish you. Be that uncommon friend who cares deeply and is thoughtful beyond measure.

🔴 Approaching Death with Grace -- Sadhguru -- How to handle grief of the loss of a loved one ??

Caring shows in all you do and say. It is so wonderful when we are able to use our natural gifts to bless someone, so think about something you like to do and simply do it for your friend. Is praying one of your strengths? Pray for your friend. You may want to write them a note including your prayer so they see just how deeply you care about their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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Do you like to cook? Stepping into the kitchen may well be the first thing you want to do. Do it! Do you have pictures, video or even old film of their loved one?

Some of the Best Christian Books on Suffering

You may want to make a scrapbook, or load a digital photo frame with those sweet reminders of their precious loved one. Should you have old photos or film, consider taking them to a service to have them digitized. Can you imagine what a treasure that would be?! Are you a storyteller? Tell a story about their sweet, sweet loved one. Whether you video it with your cell phone-so simple! Share your story! Do you like to use your hands to make things neat?

Offer to clean their house, mow the lawn, etc.

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  5. Can you imagine how appreciated that may be? Are you naturally gifted at organizing things?

    Unexpected Grace: Comfort in the Midst of Loss

    Offer to help coordinate a meal for the family and friends before or after the service so people have a place to gather. Or you may simply offer to drive folks to and from the funeral home and cemetery. Why do I say that? I got left at the funeral home following the viewing…Laughable now, yet people were headed to my house to gather for fellowship and food! Remember, things get broken, discarded or replaced, yet people matter. Let your friend know that they matter…to you. Susan B. Mead is an author , speaker, chaplain and mom. Practical solutions for everyday overwhelm. Food Made Simple, Life Etc.

    Start organizing your whole life today! Do This One Thing! Thank you for this article!

    Christian Books, Bibles, Gifts & more. - chelroughthercoi.tk

    I never know what to say to a person grieving. It is nice to know those are the words they need to hear. Thank you for this post. Grief is such a hard thing to deal with. The grief during that time was so overwhelming. So we sought out counseling. The counselor really helped my husband but told me something I would never forget. I still remember being overwhelmed with food from others to help us get by until I got into a regular routine of cooking and cleaning for our household while managing my college schedule after my mom died.

    Those little things that others did really made a huge difference and I will never forget them. Thank you for this post! It is so necessary to let people know how to act and what to say. The most important thing is to not forget the one who is grieving. The most important time is not near the time of the death. But the next month, or 6 months, or even a year later.

    Then one day they were all gone. It is so important to stay engaged for the months ahead! This is so true.

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    Grief takes a long time. Through my loss, I have learned to just take a day at a time and do what I can, when I can. I do well most of the time, but when I see that my kids are saddened over a memory, I lose it too. Some people seem to think that I should be over it by now, so I try not to inconvenience them with my grief.