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Nautical necklace with pearls - Beige. Nautical necklace with pearls - Red. Nautical necklace with pearls - Dark Brown. Nautical necklace with pearls - Black. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Rare book "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. From the Back Cover : Hans Olofson, a provincial Swede who grows up in a motherless home with an alcoholic father, and Olofson's later experiences in Zambia in this fine, unsentimental exploration of vastly different cultures.

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fondo del ojo - English Translation - Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

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Sello De Leopardo Página Para Colorear Gratis Para Niños

Published by Tusquets New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. I imagine it would have a holy medal of some kind on it, but the speaker seems uncertain what to call this. Lines 43— These are presumably verses of a popular song. They were set to music as were many ballads. But the posture is traditional and universal, and the nonconformism is quite self-conscious. I have tried to capture the spirit, without reproducing the rhyme scheme.

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The interest of a child in seashells on the beach is also mentioned in the Second Solitude. Line The merchant here is clearly to be understood as a trader, perhaps the owner or captain of a ship. In a letrilla of he speaks of mixing red wine from Toro and white from Ciudad Real, rubies and gold, and calls wine the greatest antidote to melancholy. Letrilla The third stanza is not included in most manuscripts, but Jammes reproduces it and it seems a pity to omit it here. Father Pineda Jammes, Letrillas, 59n. Lines 9—10 Encomiendas were originally the titles and perquisites granted by the military orders set up during the period of the Reconquest.

Sambenitos were the capes that penitents wore after their trial by the Inquisition. Soneto This is the earliest of the sonnets I have translated, but it is certainly not an immature one. I have made a few changes in order to preserve the overall rhetorical structure. I do not think anyone would take this sonnet as an expression of passionate feeling. Even as a well-turned compliment it may be somewhat undermined by the sense that the poet is so much in charge.

But to discuss the poem in these terms would surely be to return to the prejudices of Romanticism.

ÁFRICA (Leopardo Insólito)

Romance The characters in this ballad are drawn from Carolingian romance, although Count Rudolph should really be Roland. In the old ballads it is probably just an accident of oral transmission, but it could be imitated deliberately and often was in artistic ballads. I am not sure whether this ending with the left-handed page is in imitation of the traditional ballad the page just happens to be left-handed , or whether something else is implied in zurdo which has connotations of unluckiness or clumsiness.

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Possibly both. They may be untranslatable, but they cannot be ignored. He is perhaps more addicted to punning than to the complex syntax or learned vocabulary for which he is famed, and he was certainly taken to task for it by his contemporary critics. Lines 82— The phoenix, which burns and is then reborn from its ashes.

But the Spanish for Peers, pares, can also mean even numbers.

Selected Poems of Luis de Gongora: A Bilingual Edition (Spanish Edition)

Line A four-cornered hat is a clerical hat and hence a synecdoche for priest. I have tried to suggest that he was inopportune or possibly the reverse. Soneto In the sonnet, English and Spanish share the same Italianate tradition, so in general the form transfers quite easily. In most of my versions, where it does not interfere too much with the meaning, I have attempted some kind of sound link in the rhyming positions.

They featured an illustration of some virtue, vice, or popular saying and a short Latin verse. Line 5: Dragut was a Turkish pirate, a Greek by origin. Literature tends to conceal the fact that there were many Christian converts to Islam and that some of them prospered at the expense of their compatriots or simply as functionaries of the sultan.

In a temporal sense, they are. Don Quijote was published twenty years later, in , but was probably conceived in the s. I have found it necessary to translate it differently in different contexts. Lines 3—4: The metaphor of love as a bondage. Lines 6—8: It was common to hang objects in churches in thanksgiving for dangers averted or illness supposedly cured through prayer. The word yerros here is a pun: it means errors, but hierros same pronunciation means irons or fetters.

Such ballads generally portray a chivalric relation between Moors and Christians during the period of the wars between them. Modern historians paint a different picture of relations between the two groups. There is however the possibility that the literary idealization of the Moors is related to the views of some who were opposed to the harsh treatment of the moriscos in the sixteenth century see L.

Line 2: Actually the Zeneta, a particular Berber tribe, reputed as cavalrymen. The Turkish threat was a continuing worry, which did not go away with their defeat at the Battle of Lepanto in Lines 49— The Moors of Meliona considered themselves descendants of Arabs who had been expelled from Spain.

Soneto This sonnet seems to have more personal feeling than most, and I have tried to preserve this, even at the expense of the rhyme scheme. Line 4: even if not gold-bearing—by contrast with the Dauro or Darro, whose waters were said to carry gold dust.

pulchsecelbuinol.ga Romance Another morisco ballad. Lines 45— The substitute ending is based on the concept of simultaneously remaining and leaving, a conventional literary paradox that attempts to reconcile two opposites. Romance This poem is supposed to have been addressed to some nuns! That said, it is clear that the character here is an invented antihero, representing a cynical attitude toward many conventions. Line 4: The reference is to poem no.

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Peregrino means pilgrim, but it is also an adjective meaning strange, rare, unusual. Line Water was considered and doubtless was unpalatable.