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Go Dirty Tours - Cultural Discovery. Go Dirty Tours - Mud Soothe. Book Now 3. Once people — especially women — are literate; it means they can begin to form their own opinions and thoughts. This includes studying and even critically analyzing their culture and the parts of it which suppress or are unjust towards women. In your view, what do you see as being possible for Fiji, and for the Pacific more generally? My hope is for Fiji to be a more tolerant society when it comes to holding differences of opinions or thought. I wait for a Fiji where critical thought and thinking is encouraged rather than suppressed, attacked, or censored.

Fiji is full of Surprises

The Bible is a fascinating piece of literature that encompasses so many themes for me; ethics, politics, science, history etc. And despite of its critics, one cannot deny the influence both good and bad the Bible has had throughout the world in the last two millenniums. In a country like Fiji, many people are in survival mode.

War, healing and the smell of burning flesh

They are then unlikely to invest time to it, unless it has an immediate effect on their lives and families. Education is therefore the most effective tool for gender equality in Fiji but it must be presented in a way that people can connect it as something beneficial to their daily lives.

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Stumble Upon. Could you tell us about yourself? What motivates you? Reading and education: what role does this play for women and girls?