Convivencias (Spanish Edition)

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  1. Convivencia and Filosefardismo in Spanish Nation-building
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Aumentar la imagen. Historias de convivencia con perros. We take pride in providing excellent customer service.

Convivencia and Filosefardismo in Spanish Nation-building

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Personally I love nines. Loads of attitude, but just enough childish enthusiasm and playfulness to balance it out. We arrive, and our young, funky, theatre studies student type coordinator gets the kids doing warm up activities: walk in a circle like this, when I bang the tambourine, do this.

Naturally, I join in. This goes on for an hour or so, then we all sit around Jacopo I think his name is and he gets out two pots of paint. And the kids sit and listen.

Translate 'convivencia' from Spanish to English

And I mean, they really listen. Not in that nudging your mate in the ribs, picking your nose, checking your phone, looking vacantly around the room with your mouth agape type way.

They are giving him their undivided attention. Every time he tells us something good, he dabs a blue spot on his face. Then the lid comes off the red paint and he begins to tell the kids about… guess what? And part of me is growing a little uncomfortable. Do the kids want to hear this? Do they have the level of emotional maturity to process it? But they seem like they do. They listen, and they concentrate. Some of the girls hold hands.

A strange kind of focus settles on the tepee. And he asks for a volunteer. He proceeds to be do the same: unfold the sources of pleasure and pain, pride and awkwardness in his teenage life, in front of his classmates, with what I can only describe as impressive bravery and frankness. And I watch with growing fascination.

  1. Convivencia: How a Team Building Activity Brought Me Closer to My Students?
  2. ISBN 13: 9789505072767?
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And they listen. English teens would surely be twisting and writhing in spasms of abject humiliation at this amount of exposure to their peers. My year nines offer respectful, quiet, attentive focus. They nod agreement, murmur encouragement. Some tears are shed.

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And my appreciation for my homeroom group grows: my suspicion at this collective soul searching turns to admiration. And, I have to say, I really feel for these kids. And then what? So I take my place on the bean bag, and pop the cap off the blue paint pot….

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