Bad Vibrations (A Chauncey McFadden Mystery)

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My library Help Advanced Book Search. Get print book. Death Cruise. Dan Anderson. Midpoint Trade Books , - Fiction - pages. Murphy, Sheila Bernadette Catholic high school department chairs: Teachers, leaders, and promoters of Catholic identity.

Neyen, Julia Correlates of problem solving styles: The impact of parenting styles and sex typing. Nijdam-Jones, Alicia Diagnostic typologies of stalking offenders. O'Connell, Lynne Christine Adult bachelor degree completion schools: Creating a guide and ranking methodology.

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O'Connor, Florence Teresa Relationships among leadership, curriculum mapping, and teacher self-efficacy: Practioners' perceptions. Polito, Michael Richard Globalization and organizational reform: A case study of internationalization within Japanese Catholic higher education. Regis, Allyson Kelley Racial microaggressions, racial identity, social support, and belonging of Black psychology doctoral students.

Reynolds, Jason D A qualitative exploration of transracial Korean American adoptees reclaiming birth names. Romero, Sara A Depressed Latino elderly adults' decision-making and information seeking preferences in primary care: Implications for patient-centered care.

Sakai, Nanako When the East meets the West: Art as a medium for religious and spiritual education. Saluppo, Alessandro Violence and terror: Imaginaries and practices of squadrismo in the Province of Ferrara, Sarmiento, Reine T The implications of raising admission standards at a large public institution. Schimmel, Naomi Lauren The effects of oral and silent reading on reading comprehension. Seicol, Nicole Renee Experiencing failure: The relationships among achievement goal profiles, emotions, and future effort. Smith, Naila A Group-based parent involvement trajectories and change in student engagement across two school transitions among immigrant and non-immigrant youth.

Song, Victoria Weighted probability models for high-stakes admission decisions. Song, Yunfei A study of Bitcoin price's relationship with local currency exchange rate and stock market index in emerging economies using VECM. Southwell, Deanne Alison Creativity in education: Exploring the problem-solving preferences of college students. Sutton, Esther Essie Examining the reliability and validity of a teacher self-report and observational measure of social-emotional learning classroom practices in elementary schools. Tang, Feng Landmark detection with surprise saliency using convolutional neural networks.

Thomas, Sherri Ann Parent, peer, and god attachment and loneliness among emerging adults. Trigosso, Roberto Carlos The relationship between family backgrounds, parent perceptions and behaviors of parent involvement. Van Wyck, James M Reading minds, bodies, and souls: Nineteenth century evangelical fiction and its legacy. Volpe, Carolyn Ann The relationship of parenting styles and birth order to problem solving styles.

Vukov, Joseph Michael Consciousness Empowered. Welikson, Gregory Andrew Experiences of unemployment in young adulthood following the economic recession. Willis, Charlotte Rene The disabled pastoral ideal in early twentieth-century American literature and culture. Woodbine, Linda Coming home: Post incarcerated lived experience of a caring community. Yeghnazar, Heather The role of attachment schemata in false recognition of relational information. Ziesig Deng, Chelsea Developmental trends in peer acceptance among struggling mathematics learners.

Acosta, Neifi Jose The accountability role of middle school assistant principals: Relating to teachers and students. Adelsberg, Samantha Parent-child interactions in children with temper outbursts: The role of expressed emotion and parental stress. Aly, Tamer M Analysis of dual auditory systems using combinatorial fusion.

Arocho, Justin Michael Moral disgust as a transdiagnostic feature in obsessive-compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. Ball, Roger Healthy marriage initiative: A community centered religious educational analysis. Banik, Rumeli First-time mothers' experiences of the transition to parenthood: The role of socioeconomic status on prenatal parenting expectations and postpartum experiences.

Barglow, Jesse Service engagement among patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders: Examining the role of insight and executive functioning. Baruch, Rachel Levine Outcomes of combined treatment: A person-centered study of patients receiving medication and psychotherapy for depression. Benjamin, Daniel The coupled impact of conflict and imprecision from multiple forecasts. Black, Natasha Giardino Exploring the concept of "passing" in biracial Asian-White college students.

Guide Bad Vibrations (A Chauncey McFadden Mystery)

Brackman, Emily Hermanson Peer victimization and non-suicidal self-injury: A pilot ecological momentary assessment study. Brand, Joseph The relationship between trauma and transdiagnostic features of anxiety and depression. Brannon, Towuanna Porter Perceived factors contributing to associate degree completion by African American males at a community college. Brano, Anthony Alfred Acts of oblivion: The politics of remembering, forgetting, and forgiving on the Restoration stage, Brown, Stanton Louis Exploring the district-wide school counselor leader's role in creating a college readiness culture.

Burke, Erin M Combinatorial fusion analysis: Applications for cyber security and e-discovery. Cavanagh, Andrew J Teacher networks in the climate of comprehensive education reform: A network analysis of district-wide social capital flow. Clauser, Patricia Parenting style as it relates to parenting stress and behavioral outcomes in children with autism. Costello, Kimberly Banks Perfectionism and achievement goals in high school students. Crane, Neil Domain-specific metacognitive calibration in children with learning disabilities.

Cunningham, Seth William Spatial and genetic analyses of Africa's sacred crocodile: Crocodylus suchus.

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De Feo, Melissa Marie Teachers' perspectives on classroom climate and teacher outcomes. Diskin Monahan, Megan Elizabeth Hawai'i's twentieth century working women: Labor feminists in their own right. Di Tillio, Caterina How does the role of the assistant principal impact students' learning outcomes. Donovan, Meredith Jeta "Make up your mind in the moment": Language ideologies of multiple discourses and code-switching.

Dowell, Stephanie Ann Spatial and temporal patterns of genetic variation in native and introduced populations of the Nile monitor Varanus niloticus.

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Durante, Mary Ellen Teaching children to pray: An essential dimension of religious education in a postmodern age. Essene, Adam Lang Decoupling environmental filtering and host specificity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a Bornean lowland tropical rainforest. Foley, Tara C 'Nuisance control': The discourse of zoning and the modern American city, Gallagher, Michael J A nonparametric approach to multifactor modeling. Giardino, Joseph Black The impact of weight stigma on decisions about weight loss surgery.

Green, David Brief religious sensitization intervention with psychologists administering therapy: An initial study. Grochowalski, Joseph H Estimation and psychometric analysis of component profile scores via multivariate generalizability theory. Grossman, Stephanie L Women's health: Associations among body hair removal, appearance concerns and behaviors, and sexual health.

Guerra-Salas, Juan F Essays on government spending and the business cycle. Hackett, Eartha May Rising out of the gap: Early adolescent black males and academic success. Harbaugh, Jessica Irene Power, multicultural competence, and trainees' preparation for treating survivors of torture: A qualitative inquiry. Holloway, Evan David Risk assessment and case planning by juvenile probation officers: The role of trauma.

Hu, Xingming A defense of truth monism. Jurdem, Laurence R Paving the way for Reagan: Journals of conservative opinion and the crystallization of Republican foreign policy Karp, Sophie Hidden biases of psychological clinicians against mothers of children with anorexia nervosa. Kelley, Brian Christopher Readers' affective reactions and responses when engaged in the literary reading of sequential art. Kim, Choong Yuk Religious coping as a mediator between God attachment and mental health among Korean immigrants. Kozelka, Susan Jean Executive function inhibition as moderator of the anxiety-intelligence relationship.

Krivak, John A Heterologous embryo transfer as an act of adoption: A moral analysis based on a Catholic theology of adoption. Kwan, E. Sarah Internalized stereotypes and ethnic identity as predictors of self-esteem and help-seeking in Chinese Americans. Lamont, Tracey Transitioning through relativism: Nurturing a sense of shared moral responsibility in young adulthood.

Lecker, Christina Client perceptions of the fee in community mental health centers. Lipperini, Patricia T Fashioning her pilgrimage: Religious education and the young adult mother. Liu, Xiaoming A social problem-solving approach to attention shifting in working memory of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Long, Katherine Cost-effectiveness analysis of a school-based social and emotional learning and literacy intervention. Longmore, Catherine Cognitive and sociopolitical constructs of writing proficiency on a New York English Regents examination. Lopes, Gianluigi Embraced by the locals: Perception and acceptance of foreign aid. Lopez, Deena Microclimatic and regional factors influencing the distribution and invasive potential of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in New York. Love, Hugh Tullos Potential moderators of masculinity ideology and health risk in college Black men.

Lundquist, Catherine Observing self-efficacy in kindergarten circle time and beginning reading. Macey, Suzanne Bog turtle Glyptemys muhlenbergii nesting ecology: Implications for conservation and management.

432Hz 》SECRET COSMIC GARDEN 》Raise Positive Energy Vibrations 》Beautiful Mallet Meditation Music

MacKenzie, Amy A survey of transition practices for high school students with learning disabilities. Mancusi, Lauren M The effects of social comparison and disgust on evaluating appearance related stimuli in body dysmorphia. Morris, Blair W The role of emotion dysregulation in non-suicidal self-injury among treatment seeking adolescents.

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Nevitt, Turner C Aquinas on essence and existence. Ngadi, Evette Marie the impact of governance change on principal leadership: The new Catholic school academy model. Nolan, Brian Joseph The grace of baptism: A practical program for baptism preparation for parents in the spirit of the new evangelization. Palla, Brendan Blanchard Thomas Aquinas and two problems for free choice. Pearce, Marcia Monique Motivating Black students through literature: Surveying juniors and seniors in a religious high school. Pecoraro, Brandon Why don't voters 'Put the Gini back in the bottle'?

Pellecchia, Susan Teaching with primary sources: The overlap between historical thinking and critical literacy.